Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wishes...

Already 24th of December and still at the office...!!!

Guess what!!!

The day can't get warmer every second feels like a bliss, nevertheless the thermometer marks (-5) degrees Celsius...

ZAP Jonway Beijing Office Seasonal Card.

Just crossed with this card and had to share it on real time basis before my dinner date for this marry venue.

MARRY X-MAS to ALL & for your LOVED ONES...your contributions, ideas and support is what keeps our views on positive tracks. 

I will make sure to take a shot to SMILEY moments myself.

Thanks for comming by.


Monday, December 20, 2010

"What is The Electric Car?" Premiere Pictures

Presentation of "What is the electric car?" premiere at The Egyptian Theatre

Well the Egyptian Theatre was the right location last week for the cream of the EV industry and EV enthusiasts, with sold-out presentation of the premiering documentary "What is the electric car?"

The Zapino from ZAP, Writer-Producer Andrew Reilly, cast member Elena Yost next to Blink changing station
Paul Scott checking the Nissan Leaf Charger

A mixed night of celebrities, high profiled executives arriving and testing every single item exposed on the Green Carpet at the premiere.  
EV Guru and Shelley Sykes arrival on the ZAPPY 3

 "SweeT" rides at the event didn't need any introduction, such is the case of the Leaf, Alias, E-Tracer, etc; which absorbed part of the attendants into photo shooting sessions.
Nissan Leaf

Stevie Mack, Ginny, ZAP CEO Steven Schneider, Pimp My Ride Team

The documentary was not the only grand prize, one lucky Facebook user was announced by ZAP CEO Steve Schneider as the winner of the ZAPXebra and also there was a winner announced for the Zapino e-scooter as part of the FREE Vehicle Gift event.

Cheers and Smiles told the success story for the night on which Radio Host Stevie Mack covered it with a live broadcast from the green carpet with ZAP representatives as special guests.  
Stevie Mack and the ZAP Alias

Can't wait for the New York premiere of the documentary!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What is the Electric Car? Premiers today Dec.14th

Well it is already happening, the premiere is going down right now.

Celebrities are coming out to the Egyptian Theater to see more than 10 Electric Vehicles in the courtyard... an "Electric Car Show for the Stars"! And the film screening (at 9:30pm PST).

Just an update, the FREE ELECTRIC CAR GIVEAWAY have chosen the user Ivan dKmx... as the winner of a brand new ZAP Xebra
ZAP Xebra electric car


This is another snapshot moment that ZAP comes to the rescue once again, I guess this shows commintment on the Zero Air Pollution statement, not sure how to say it differently but I'm just proud to be part of this team.

Mr. Jay Leno
From the press release we got that, many celebrities have also contributed to this "green themed", enlightening film including Jay Leno (who let producers in his garage to film him driving his 1908 Baker Electric), Ed Begley, Jr. (filmed at the 'Go Green Expo'), and "Baywatch" star and EV activist Alexandra Paul who hosted a behind the scenes chapter for the DVD. Romero Britto spent the last 2 months painting the world's 1st BRITTO TM electric car (a Tango T-600 Commuter Car), and Chábeli Iglesias signed on to host the film's Spanish language version to be available early next year. Also with some of the electric cars "starring" in the film including the rare appearance of the Progressive Automotive X-Prize $2.5 million prize winner, the E-Tracer, there are many of the auto sponsors representatives including from Nissan, Chevrolet, and Tango; the ZAP representation at the event is being lead by the CEO Steve Schneider.

The best part is that even these high profiled celebrities are serenading the red carpet with all-electric vehicles in addition to the display of EVs in the Egyptian courtyard, there is over ten different electric vehicles.

Joy for a green environment
One more golden page for the Pragmatic EV Industry, two thumbs up for the director  Ken Grant and for every single person involved in this outstanding achievement...who said you can't contribute to history in 75minutes...????


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From The Blog: ZAP JONWAY

I picked out a well-known Chinese saying that comes from Ji Hongchang, a military officer, as the title of this article.  It means: Man's every move is to write his history.

"What is the Electric Car?" makes an effort to promote electric cars in marketplace, and this is as a step attempting to make a success in the development history of EVs.

We enter an historic time with real, mainstream electric cars poised to come to market.  Still, there seems to be a great deal of confusion and controversy around them, which is one reason why we like the new documentary premiering in Hollywood on December 14, “What is the Electric Car?” but not the only reason.

We really like “What is the Electric Car?” because our very own Ginny is one of the stars of the film.  Yes, The Virginia (Ginny) Scales-Medeiros, mother of two, entrepreneur, inventor, auto maven and electric car proponent extraordinaire.

The story of how Ginny earned a role in the documentary “What is the Electric Car?” is somewhat ironic.  Ginny is perhaps the most outgoing, gregarious person we work with, and the perfect person to help represent ZAP for its Detroit Auto Show debut.  2010 was the very first year that Detroit’s North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) hosted a display dedicated to electric cars called “Electric Avenue.” ZAP was invited to display its Alias electric car in Detroit as part of the lead-up to the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"What is The Electric Car?" Premiere Gift

What is the Electric car? (Trailer)

Just about time that someone got a fresh closeup on the next tech vehicles. Check the cast and tell me if any further hopes come to mind?

Credited cast:
Alexandra Paul Alexandra Paul ...
Behind the Scenes - Herself
Barack Obama Barack Obama ...
Himself (archive footage)
Ed Begley Jr. Ed Begley Jr. ...
Himself (archive footage)
Fabio Fabio ...
Himself (archive footage)
Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter ...
(archive footage)
Chabeli Iglesias Chabeli Iglesias ...
 and More...................

The exciting news is that the Documentary is not just premiering on the 14th of Dec. at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, but there some interesting freebie's that makes me feel again like Advanced Technology do not have to necessarily be expensive....if you arrive at the place driving an electric car the admission is free with one guest admission 50% off, and they will be giving away an electric car for FREE, (not sure why but my spider sense tells me it will be a Phoenix SUT,...but hey maybe I'm wrong on this one).

Don't want to make it only an American issue since the world Auto Industry is actually bringing serious assets to the table, in this case referring to Asia and Europe:...

Asia- Welcoming the new technologies and adapting them to fleets and daily productive activities.
Europe- R&D levels that can create considerable modifications to the industry but still no homogenized policies and laws for vehicle homologations.

Could go on and on but hope understanding more from others angles.--

Sunday, December 5, 2010

ZAP Electric bicycle with the Las Vegas Parking Enforcement Unit

It amazes me how the Las Vegas Parking Enforcement Officers continues showing the proactive attitude for usage of green vehicles on their main daily work activities. Just realized that they've been consistently chosing the Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles which are efficient in reducing the effects of pollution. They make use of ZAP bicycles, which have electronic assist motors and are exceptional in the congested areas of that city, and the officers using bicycles are all already certified by the Law Enforcement Bicycle Association.

Of course the news go further, to average citizens being able to conveniently park and pay with out caring any cash with such tech items like the special key called a Cash Key and some other gadjet's...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Gravitational Pull of China | Shifting Gears - From The California Report and KQED

"Considering the daily commute for most urban population centers, and the reach ZAP has been growing globally to areas where an electric vehicle has the most merit, the existing vehicles and proposed models such as the ALIAS should help the company hold and improve its position in coming quarters."

from: Le Web Pedagogique

World HERE WE COME....

The Gravitational Pull of China | Shifting Gears - From The California Report and KQED

Sunday, November 28, 2010

FROM The WEB: Ambiente Motors teaming up with Southern Oregon Universities

Looks like there is a follow up trend for developers of low-cost, light-duty truck electric components and conversion kit, the IC³, for commercial vehicles, principally American-made pick-up trucks.

Now the team includes executives and electric vehicle company veterans from Barefoot Motors, Ford, Café Electric and ZAP Jonway.

From  the web, just crossed with the AMBIENTE Motors news teaming up with Southern Oregon Universities.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What a wonderful morning for our ZAAP stock symbol.

Monday 22st of November, and I'm still a beijinger enjoying a beautiful sunshine from my office window, nostalgic of the outs and abouts of this freezing weekend, and back to my regular 9am to 6pm daily schedule. There are projects to be completed and programs to be organized, but the great thing about this little brain of mine is just that, even at sleeping hours, it suddenly brings a whole map of the what should or shouldn't be the main focus of activities (can't love it more!!!), but for sure it didn't see the ZAAP stock value climb to the .84 level.

After the first fase completion of the downpayment for the Jonway Automobile plant acquisition on $10 millions, some real concatenated events are putting my ZAAP stocks at the right value level.

This equity ownership transfer was approved by the Chinese government on October 3, this year. The Sanmen, Zhejiang factory plant will ramp into production of the A380 SUV/Electric Taxi, in the first half of 2011 together with ZAP's Alias EV by third quarter of 2011.

The exhibition of the vehicles at the EVS25 at Shenzhen-China, resulted in a solid ground for the right types of markets, with the new motor agreement between ZAP Jonway & Remy Electric Motors propelling a new era to the company's EV portfolio.

But most of all I think this scale growth of the ZAAP cap, is very well deserved, the global revelation of the strategic move to purchase Jonway's Zhejiang automobile plant, which reported sales of over 4,000 gasoline vehicles through the end of September 2010, and projects total sales of over 6,500 vehicles by December of this year, the wholesale sales prices of the vehicles averaged US$10,000 for which the predicted year-end revenues will increase in more than 40 % compared to last year.

Jonway Automobile reported its debt-free status, the positive cash flow, and the readiness for the subsequent goal as part of a new company "ZAP Jonway", which is to lead the emerging EV fleet market in China. Adding to that the announcement of an effective leadership coordination when Jonway's Automobile CEO was selcted by the board as the Co-CEO for the new company.

ZAP's EV technologies, products and expertise, have always been a threat for the main EV industry competitors, with the add of the capability of Jonway Automobile Plant to deliver over 50,000 vehicles per year, I am sure that the launch of its EV sales in the Asian territory targeting volume production delivery by the first half of 2011 is a done deal.

Chering for the best, now back to work.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Arrival Night to Shenzhen, November 4th 2010.

 We already had a telephonic flash forward at arrival on the ZAP JONWAY showroom distribution and arrangements status, so after the check-in at the hotel, no shower, no food and no city sight seeing, our destination was the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center(SZCEC).

Minutes after 8p.m. until the closing time of the Convention and Exhibition Center, which was around 10p.m., our team was the protagonist on logistic details of the ZAP Jonway pavilion, from vehicle picture aesthetics to vehicle display location within the booth.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

WEVS 25 in Shenzhen (hours before the opening....)

After knowing that the last time China hosted the EVS was only 11 years ago (EVS16 - Beijing), our was all cheers and excitement for the experience, sharpening our knowledge about the trip to Shenzhen, event details and how we would be presenting our brand ZAP Jonway at a such international platform. 


Not sure how did it started but comparison on who was the lightest traveller was one of the longest and funniest subjects that kept all of us laughing for more than 20 minutes before departure.

 EVS25 here GOES the ZAP-JONWAY team BEIJING!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

ZAP-Jonway, acquisition approved...!!!

July 2010, ZAP confirmed an agreement with Jonway Group to acquire a majority stake in Zhejiang Jonway Automobile[36][37]. The Chinese Department of Commerce in Zhejiang Province confirmed the approval of the aquisition in September 2010[38].
This marks another new link from SINO-U.S.  strategic alliances in the EV industry that is expected to catapult both companies to a new development stage, on the other hand the target market on which ZAP Jonway is enclosed will confirm China becoming the world’s largest market for plug-in electric vehicles thanks to a $14.7 billion government investment on all-electric vehicles and infrastructure, against over $2.5 billion from the Obama government in incentives for battery makers, consumer purchases, and for charging infrastructure.

At this pace China will beat the US market out when it comes to electric vehicles.