Monday, December 20, 2010

"What is The Electric Car?" Premiere Pictures

Presentation of "What is the electric car?" premiere at The Egyptian Theatre

Well the Egyptian Theatre was the right location last week for the cream of the EV industry and EV enthusiasts, with sold-out presentation of the premiering documentary "What is the electric car?"

The Zapino from ZAP, Writer-Producer Andrew Reilly, cast member Elena Yost next to Blink changing station
Paul Scott checking the Nissan Leaf Charger

A mixed night of celebrities, high profiled executives arriving and testing every single item exposed on the Green Carpet at the premiere.  
EV Guru and Shelley Sykes arrival on the ZAPPY 3

 "SweeT" rides at the event didn't need any introduction, such is the case of the Leaf, Alias, E-Tracer, etc; which absorbed part of the attendants into photo shooting sessions.
Nissan Leaf

Stevie Mack, Ginny, ZAP CEO Steven Schneider, Pimp My Ride Team

The documentary was not the only grand prize, one lucky Facebook user was announced by ZAP CEO Steve Schneider as the winner of the ZAPXebra and also there was a winner announced for the Zapino e-scooter as part of the FREE Vehicle Gift event.

Cheers and Smiles told the success story for the night on which Radio Host Stevie Mack covered it with a live broadcast from the green carpet with ZAP representatives as special guests.  
Stevie Mack and the ZAP Alias

Can't wait for the New York premiere of the documentary!!!

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