Sunday, November 21, 2010

What a wonderful morning for our ZAAP stock symbol.

Monday 22st of November, and I'm still a beijinger enjoying a beautiful sunshine from my office window, nostalgic of the outs and abouts of this freezing weekend, and back to my regular 9am to 6pm daily schedule. There are projects to be completed and programs to be organized, but the great thing about this little brain of mine is just that, even at sleeping hours, it suddenly brings a whole map of the what should or shouldn't be the main focus of activities (can't love it more!!!), but for sure it didn't see the ZAAP stock value climb to the .84 level.

After the first fase completion of the downpayment for the Jonway Automobile plant acquisition on $10 millions, some real concatenated events are putting my ZAAP stocks at the right value level.

This equity ownership transfer was approved by the Chinese government on October 3, this year. The Sanmen, Zhejiang factory plant will ramp into production of the A380 SUV/Electric Taxi, in the first half of 2011 together with ZAP's Alias EV by third quarter of 2011.

The exhibition of the vehicles at the EVS25 at Shenzhen-China, resulted in a solid ground for the right types of markets, with the new motor agreement between ZAP Jonway & Remy Electric Motors propelling a new era to the company's EV portfolio.

But most of all I think this scale growth of the ZAAP cap, is very well deserved, the global revelation of the strategic move to purchase Jonway's Zhejiang automobile plant, which reported sales of over 4,000 gasoline vehicles through the end of September 2010, and projects total sales of over 6,500 vehicles by December of this year, the wholesale sales prices of the vehicles averaged US$10,000 for which the predicted year-end revenues will increase in more than 40 % compared to last year.

Jonway Automobile reported its debt-free status, the positive cash flow, and the readiness for the subsequent goal as part of a new company "ZAP Jonway", which is to lead the emerging EV fleet market in China. Adding to that the announcement of an effective leadership coordination when Jonway's Automobile CEO was selcted by the board as the Co-CEO for the new company.

ZAP's EV technologies, products and expertise, have always been a threat for the main EV industry competitors, with the add of the capability of Jonway Automobile Plant to deliver over 50,000 vehicles per year, I am sure that the launch of its EV sales in the Asian territory targeting volume production delivery by the first half of 2011 is a done deal.

Chering for the best, now back to work.

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