Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What is the Electric Car? Premiers today Dec.14th

Well it is already happening, the premiere is going down right now.

Celebrities are coming out to the Egyptian Theater to see more than 10 Electric Vehicles in the courtyard... an "Electric Car Show for the Stars"! And the film screening (at 9:30pm PST).

Just an update, the FREE ELECTRIC CAR GIVEAWAY have chosen the user Ivan dKmx... as the winner of a brand new ZAP Xebra
ZAP Xebra electric car


This is another snapshot moment that ZAP comes to the rescue once again, I guess this shows commintment on the Zero Air Pollution statement, not sure how to say it differently but I'm just proud to be part of this team.

Mr. Jay Leno
From the press release we got that, many celebrities have also contributed to this "green themed", enlightening film including Jay Leno (who let producers in his garage to film him driving his 1908 Baker Electric), Ed Begley, Jr. (filmed at the 'Go Green Expo'), and "Baywatch" star and EV activist Alexandra Paul who hosted a behind the scenes chapter for the DVD. Romero Britto spent the last 2 months painting the world's 1st BRITTO TM electric car (a Tango T-600 Commuter Car), and Chábeli Iglesias signed on to host the film's Spanish language version to be available early next year. Also with some of the electric cars "starring" in the film including the rare appearance of the Progressive Automotive X-Prize $2.5 million prize winner, the E-Tracer, there are many of the auto sponsors representatives including from Nissan, Chevrolet, and Tango; the ZAP representation at the event is being lead by the CEO Steve Schneider.

The best part is that even these high profiled celebrities are serenading the red carpet with all-electric vehicles in addition to the display of EVs in the Egyptian courtyard, there is over ten different electric vehicles.

Joy for a green environment
One more golden page for the Pragmatic EV Industry, two thumbs up for the director  Ken Grant and for every single person involved in this outstanding achievement...who said you can't contribute to history in 75minutes...????



  1. The film was shot on locations around Michigan, California, Florida, including Jay Leno's Garage, the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Int'l. Detroit Auto Show & the Henry Ford Museum.

    Hope to see the ZAP CARS there.

  2. This article impressed me~ it includes so much information to let me know what happen everyday about the new movie.