Sunday, January 30, 2011

From: UNIDO week at Expo 2010 focuses on turning urban life green

“Green Industry for a better life” is the theme of the display of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) at the Expo 2010 that opened in Shanghai today.

Set up as part of the Expo’s UN Pavilion, UNIDO showcases the organization’s Greening Industry concept.

During the next week, UNIDO will organize events to discuss the best approaches towards a more prosperous, harmonious and environmental-friendly urban future, investment promotion, technology transfer, as well as strengthening worldwide cooperation and partnerships.

“Shanghai has made outstanding achievements in the last years in developing high-tech applications in industries, especially in reforming traditional industries and adjusting industrial structure through high and new technologies. Shanghai’s successful practice in transforming from the traditional economy to the innovative economy has set a good model for cities in developing countries,” said UNIDO Director-General, Kandeh K. Yumkella.

He added that in the last decades, rapid urbanization has been witnessed all over the world but developing countries face many problems, including urban poverty, unemployment and social inequity, as well as pollution part of which originates from emissions from transportation and industrial production activities.

During a side event today, UNIDO also signed an agreement on a joint project with the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission, the Government of the city’s Yangpu District, and the China International Centre for Economic and Technical Exchanges (CICETE).

The agreement signalled the establishment of the Shanghai International High-Tech Innovation Development Base which will promote high-tech applications for industries, mobilize the support of international organizations, enterprises, and funding from financial organizations. The Base will also cooperate with universities, research institutes and enterprises, work on research and development, and support knowledge and management centres.

Shanghai’s Yangpu District has been successful in adjusting the industry structure and improving economic and social development. It promotes the innovation capacity and competitiveness of the city, and has formed a knowledge innovation zone with unique features. CICETE is dedicated to the bilateral economic and technical exchanges and international cooperation. It has implemented projects with UN specialized agencies and has promoted the harmonious development of economy and society, contributing to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals.


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